Wavemaker Partners and Springboard Ventures Co-Lead $5.2 Million Series A Funding for TITAN School Solutions

TITAN School Solutions has created the industry’s first web based, real time solution to manage the school food services business.


Investors launch mobile tire installation firm

IRVINE, Calif. — Auto industry veteran James Chen and Cie Digital Labs (CDL), a growth accelerator for emerging startups, have launched ASAP Tire, a mobile tire installation company with operations up and running in California and the East Coast.

According to Mr. Chen, president of ASAP Tire, the company provides tire installation wherever the consumer needs the service, be it “at their home, office, golf club — wherever and whenever is most convenient.”

A certified technician visits the site with a fully equipped vehicle and completes tire installation less than an hour on average, CDL said.

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The Unrealistic Expectation That Kills Startups

The old saying warns us not to “major in the minors,” but getting mired in minutiae is an occupational hazard for startup founders.

After startups make it past the earliest stages — say, after their Series A — founders go from being hyperfocused on their unique value proposition to spreading their time across non-unique challenges that all businesses face. Founders then have to suddenly become adept at HR, recruiting, haggling for office space and managing the board, along with the constant mental overhang of the next funding round.

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Curb Your FOMO: Being Too Early To New Technologies Can Be Just As Bad As Being Too Late

FOMO, or “fear of missing out” for those unfamiliar with the acronym, is the plague of the digital age, captivating our precious attention with the prospect of real-time rewards. While usually applied to consumers, FOMO is just as prevalent in the business world.

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Here’s how Amazon could finish off the rest of the retail industry

Amazon has gleefully eviscerated the retail industry for 20 years now. Now comes the coup de grace.

Until now, the major flaw in Amazon’s strategy has been that some 90% of sales still occur offline. Surveys show consumers prefer an omnichannel experience to a strictly online one. An A.T. Kearney survey, for instance, showed that just 5% of consumers preferred an online-only retail experience.

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It’s time to ditch your innovation lab

A half decade into Corporate America’s love affair with innovation, it’s time to admit it’s not working.

Innovation labs have become vehicles for marketing, not innovation. Dubbed “hipster money pits,” labs can torpedo morale (only the cool kids get to take part) and sap resources.

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